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Updated  - The Elf

I finally got around to updating the site. I put alot of pictures up in the gallery, have the new team photo (look up ^), and pictures of each team member. So look around and see Da Bears.

We'll have a movie up soon!

If something doesn't work tell me  The Elf .

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First News Thingy! - The Elf

The site is now up! WooHoo. This means my brain can take a rest for a tadbit. Look around; see how you like it. I think it's spiffy, but then again I made it.

I will be the one that posts most of the news and updates the site most of the time. If I donít up date for a while, it's because nothings happened. Good reason right?

I know alot of the links arenít to developed yet but they will be soon. Give me time.

Send your comments back to me The Elf .